Soft plastic lizards will work well for smallmouth bass, however, most anglers prefer to fish with the smaller lizards for smallmouth bass compared to largemouth bass. There are many different rigs that work with soft plastics lizards. The Florida rig, Texas rig, Carolina rig are all common, but a shaky head jig and swimbait hook are also a couple of great ways to fish a soft plastic lizard.

Best Rigs for Lizards

Shaky Head Jig

The shaky head jig is another great rig for fishing with lizards.  By rigging it weedless, you can fish it around all types of cover just like the Texas rig.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is a great rig for fishing with lizards.  Most anglers use this rig for fishing deeper water.  A heavier weight will help give the bait more action as you pull it up through the water column and let it drop back down to the bottom.  Drifting with a heavy wind or a slow troll can also be productive.

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig works well with lizards.  Make sure you use a heavy enough weight to help give the worm more action.

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