Curly Tail Grubs

Grubs are one of the most popular lures for catching smallmouth bass. Whether you choose to vertically jig them, hop them along or swim them, you have several options for catching bass. Most anglers prefer to use the 3″ or 4″ grubs, but the 5″ grubs will still get you a lot of bites and you will catch bigger bass on average by upsizing to the 5″ sizes.

Best Rigs for Curly Tail Grubs


A simple jighead is a great way to fish a curly tail grub.  The 4 to 5 inch grubs are very popular for largemouth bass and they work great on a regular jighead.  If you use the jigheads that have a longer shank, you will get better hookups, but you don’t need a fancy rig to catch bass with a grub.

Bass Jig & Grub Trailer

It is tough to beat a bass jig and grub as a trailer.  Flip it, pitch it, hop it or swim it


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Best Curly Tail Grub Techniques for Smallmouth Bass

Hopping Them Along the Bottom

Grubs look great when hopped along the bottom.  Most anglers use a jighead, but you can use a drop shot rig also for this technique.  Use a lift and drop retrieve to work the bait along the bottom.  Most fish will hit the grub on the fall, so be ready for a bite as you drop the bait back down towards the bottom.  This technique will work well for a variety of different fish.

Swimming Them

Swimming a grub is very effective.  You can swim a grub for so many different species of fish.  The key to this technique is to use the appropriate weight so you can get your grub down to the correct depth.  Lighter weights will make it easier to fish shallow and heavier weights will help you fish deeper water.  Most anglers would swim a grub on a regular jighead, but scrounger jigheads and underspins are also great ways to swim a grub.  Using a grub as a trailer on a bass jig is also another great way to swim these baits.

Vertical Jigging

This technique is not as popular as the other two techniques listed above, however, vertical jigging can be very effective for walleye and you will also catch bass, pike and some other fish with this technique.  Just drop the bait down on a jighead, jig it up and let it fall. Repeat the process until you get a bite.

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