Soft Plastic Crayfish

Soft plastic crayfish work very well for smallmouth bass. Most anglers will go with smaller crayfish than what they would use for largemouth bass, however, you can still catch some nice smallmouth bass on the larger soft plastic crayfish.  For largemouth bass, it is common to rig these crayfish on a bass jig, but for most smallmouth bass anglers, they will use the crayfish on a Texas rig, Florida rig, drop shot rig, a swimbait hook and many other rigs.  Work this bait along the rocky bottoms that smallmouth bass love to roam for an easy meal.  At night, this bait can be very effective because smallmouth bass will feed heavily on crayfish along the rocky bottoms.

Best Rigs for Soft Plastic Crayfish

Shaky Head Jig

The shaky head jig is another great rig for fishing with crayfish baits.  By rigging it weedless, you can fish it around all types of cover just like the Texas rig and the shaky head jig allows you to keep the legs of the bait up off the bottom when you pause the bait.  It’s very appealing and helps draw a lot of strikes.  When hopping it along the rocks, make sure to wait 5 to 10 seconds at times after a pause.  With the bait sitting up off the bottom, it’s very difficult for a bass not to go in and attack.


A simple jighead will get it done most of the time when fishing for smallmouth bass because you will most likely be fishing over rocky areas and you aren’t going to need a weedless rigged bait to fish those areas.

Bass Jig & Crayfish

A bass jig and a crayfish bait is one of the best ways to fish a bass jig.  Finding the right combination is key.  On some days, they want a bigger crayfish and on others, a smaller more finesse crayfish is the better trailer.

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig works well with crayfish baits.  It’s not a very popular rig for most anglers, but it definitely works.  Try using the more finesse style crayfish with thinner bodies for the best action.  Make sure you use a heavy enough weight also to give the bait more action.

Swimbait Hook