The wind can definitely play a huge role in the fishing when targeting smallmouth bass.  You can catch smallies when it is flat calm and super windy, so they will bite in all wind conditions, however, the wind will change where some of these fish are going to be feeding at and how you have to fish for them.

Flat Calm, Throw a Top Water

When there is no wind, you can usually have better success with topwater lures.  From early summer through early fall, these flat calm mornings and evenings are great times to fish with topwater lures.

When the Wind Picks Up, Start Drifting

Drifting is one of the easiest ways to fish for smallmouth bass, especially when fishing deeper water.  When you get the right amount of wind, get on a good piece of structure and start drifting.

Fish the Windy Shorelines

The shorelines that the water is being blown into will usually be more productive.  However, you still usually have to find the right structure or cover for this to work.  If the smallmouth bass are on the points, then try fishing the points where the wind is blowing into them.  If they are are on the rocky shorelines, fish the shorelines with the wind blowing into them.  When the wind starts to blow, you will find a lot of boats that find a spot behind an island or point where they can tuck out of the wind.  Those boats usually catch less fish than the boat that is fishing the windy part.  However, sometimes the wind is blowing too hard and you have to find some calmer waters to fish.  When you can put up with the wind though, it will usually help you catch more fish.