Dams & Spillways


On good smallmouth rivers, you can see anglers all along the dam, with waders on, trying to catch smallmouth.   On larger rivers, the anglers may be in a boat, but fishing with waders on is a very popular way to fish a lot of the dams.  Make sure you are careful in these areas because it can be very dangerous even if you know what you are doing.


Spillways are smaller areas where water pours out into the creek, river or lake, but it isn’t a big dam.  Some of these areas will usually be feeder creeks that may sometimes push no water or little water into the larger body of water.  However, when the rains come down, these areas will start pushing more water into the larger body of water and in some of these spots, the fishing can be awesome for smallmouth bass.  Do your research when trying to find these spots because you need to know the prime times for fishing them.  On some bodies of water, the spillway may only last a few hours after a rain and on others, the spillway feeds in the entire year.