Paddle Tail Worms

Paddle Tail Worms are great baits for smallmouth bass.  Hop them along the bottom or fish them like a jerkbait and you can do really well with them.

Popular Techniques

Jerkbait Retrieve

Paddle tail worms work great on a jerkbait retrieve.  Use a swimbait hook, Texas rig or shaky head jig and work the bait along with an erratic jerk and pause retrieve.  Most of your bites will come on the pause.

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Paddle tail worms look good when hopped along the bottom as well.  Use your favorite soft plastic bait rig and slowly work these worms along the bottom.  Many of the paddle tail worms look good on a shaky head jig as their tails will lift up off the bottom because of the style of the jig.

Go Vertical

Paddle tail worms look great when fishing them vertical in deeper water.  Fish them suspended or on the bottom and you’ll get some bass bites from summer through fall.