Curly Tail Worms

Curly Tail Worms are some of the most common soft plastics that are used for smallmouth bass.  The curly tail swimming action is hard for these bass to resist.  Whether you swim them or hop them along the bottom, you can catch a lot of bass with these worms.

Popular Techniques

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Use your favorite soft plastic rig and work these curly tail worms along the bottom.  Smallmouth bass can often be found above the rocky bottoms searching for food.  Hop a curly tail worm by them and you’ll get plenty of bites.

Swim Them

Smallmouth bass love the curly tail swimming action in baits.  A 4 to 5 inch curly tail worm works great if you swim it with a slow and steady retrieve.

Go Vertical

The smaller, curly tail worms are very effective on a simple jighead over deeper water.  From summer through early fall, find some smallmouth bass over deeper water and give the worm some action to get bites.  It’s a great deep water technique.