Twin Tailed Grubs

Twin tail grubs work well for smallmouth bass.  You can use these baits on their own or as a trailer on the back of a bass jig, spinner bait or bladed swim jig.  Whether you hop them along slowly or swim them in with a steady retrieve, they catch bass.

Skirted twin tail grubs, also known as spider jigs, are excellent baits for targeting smallmouth bass.  Rig these on a jig, shaky head jig, Texas rig, Florida rig, swimbait hook or a weightless rig and target smallmouth bass shallow or deep and you’ll catch some fish.

Popular Techniques

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Most anglers will just put these baits on a jighead and hop them along the bottom.  You can work them through the water column as well to get plenty of bites.

Slowly Free Fall Them

Try using no weight or a small split shot rig or light finesse jig to slowly let these baits fall through the water column.  This technique is similar to how you would fish a wacky worm and it can be super effective.