Curly Tail Grubs

Grubs are one of the most popular lures for catching smallmouth bass. Whether you choose to vertically jig them, hop them along or swim them, you have several options for catching bass. Most anglers prefer to use the 3″ or 4″ grubs, but the 5″ grubs will still get you a lot of bites and you will catch bigger bass on average by upsizing to the 5″ sizes.

Popular Techniques

Swim Them

Swimming curly tail grubs is a very popular technique for catching smallmouth bass.

Hop Them Along the Bottom

You can hop a grub along the bottom do very well for smallmouth bass.  Hop them along a rocky bottom and hold on.

Go Vertical

A simple jighead and curly tail grub is a great way to fish vertical when smallmouth bass are down deep.  This is a great presentation in the summer and fall.