In-Line Spinners work great for smallmouth bass, especially during the spring time when bass are feeding on smaller bait fish.  On good bass lakes, you can expect to catch a lot of bass with in-line spinners, although, most of the bass will usually be small to average-sized with some big ones mixed in.  Don’t be discouraged with the smaller bass.  The big bass will still bite this lure.  It is just an appealing lure to small bass as well.

Spinnerbaits are right up there with lipless crankbaits as one of the top search baits for smallmouth bass fishing. You can fish spinnerbaits in so many different areas and have a lot of success.  Spinnerbaits catch good numbers of bass and give you a great chance of landing a trophy-sized bass.  It’s just a great fishing lure for bass.

Underspins work well for smallmouth bass.  You can rig any soft plastic you want on these baits, however, most anglers report the best success by imitating bait fish such as shad, shiners and other types of minnows.