Best Techniques

Still Fishing

Find a good area with some sharks around, set out your baits and wait for them to come to you.  This is the most common method used by the majority of anglers that are fishing for sharks.


Drifting works to cover some water and if you are drifting over some productive spots, you will find some sharks this way.


Chumming with dead fish is one of the best ways to catch sharks.  Some of the popular fish to chum with are ground menhadenmackerel, sardines and herring, but you can use just about any type of saltwater fish to get their attention.  Do not do this in areas where people are swimming.  Do this out in a boat far from other people.  Find a spot that works and chum with cut bait to bring sharks closer to your boat.  Sometimes, you will be able to see the sharks come right up to the boat as they take your baits.