Anglers target bluefish in many different areas.  You can catch them along the beaches, near jetties, around the inlets and in the bays.  These fish are very cooperative with live baits and artificial lures, which makes them a great species of fish for many anglers to target.

Bluefish Fishing in the Cape San Blas / Port St Joe, Florida Area

Bluefish migrate through this area and are more common along the beaches or in the passes in nearby Apalachicola, Florida.  Bluefish will migrate into this area from the south in the spring and early summer and then they will migrate back down south in the fall, so anglers usually get a shot at catching them in better numbers in the spring and then again in the fall.

Bluefish Fishing Tips

Bluefish will eat a wide variety of baits and lures.  You can catch them with topwater lures, jigs, spoons, crankbaits and many different types of live bait and cut bait.  Wire leaders are a good idea when fishing for bluefish because their sharp teeth can easily cut through regular fishing line.

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