Warm Fronts

Warms fronts are a bass fishermen’s best friend for most of the year.  Throughout spring and fall, warm fronts provide some of the best fishing.  Bait fish will be active in the shallows and bass will be actively feeding on these bait fish.  In the spring, 4 or 5 days of 60 to 70 degree weather makes for some excellent fishing.  White spinners work great for warm fronts in the spring.  Small crankbaits, jigs, tubes, soft plastics and spinnerbaits are also very effective during a warm front in the spring.  Try the north shores because the south wind will blow that warm water to the north shoreline.

While a warm front can help fishing tremendously during the spring and fall, it can make fishing tougher during the summer.  A warm front of 90 degree weather can warm the shallows so much that largemouth bass will become very sluggish and most bass will end up going deeper to find cooler water temperatures.  Fishing during the early morning, late evening and at night will provide some of the best fishing during a warm front in the summer.  Some of the better lures for the hot weather are big soft plastic worms (up to 11 inches), large deep-diving crankbaits, jigging spoons and swimbaits.

Fishing Tips

Spring Time

Find warmer water temperatures in creeks, inlets, bays and on the north shore.  Murky water warms faster than clear water.  Ponds warm faster than lakes and rivers.

Summer Time

Warm fronts in the summer can make fishing tough.  Fish lowlight conditions and at night for the best success when water temperatures get hot.

Fall Time

A warm front in late fall can make the fishing very good.  It can help extend the fishing season a little longer when you get a nice warmup.