Bottom Fishing

Most anglers will fish the bottom for largemouth bass.  Whether they do it with soft plastics or a jig, they have a lot of options as largemouth bass relate to the bottom frequently whether shallow, deep or between.

Imitate a Crayfish

So simple, yet so effective.

Shaky Head Jigs are Best for Soft Plastics

Get rid of the Texas rig.  I know you anglers love to use them, but the shaky head jig is way better for presenting your baits along the bottom.  It’s not even debatable.  You will catch more bass with a shaky head jig and soft plastic over the Texas rig or Florida rig when fishing along the bottom.

Drop Shot Rig is Awesome Too

It’s tough to beat a drop shot rig when fishing along the bottom.  You can present your bait different than any other type of presentation when fishing along the bottom.  It’s so effective.