Big Soft Plastic Worms

Big soft plastic worms work great for targeting bigger largemouth bass.  In some lakes, you may not get very many bites with the 10″ and 12″ worms, but the bites you do get will be quality bites.  If you are fishing lakes that have big bass potential, you may want to try using a bigger worm, especially during the summer time.

Tips for Fishing Bigger Worms

Use a Big Hook

The biggest mistake most anglers use when fishing with a big worm is that they don’t upsize to a large enough hook.  Go bigger and you’ll have a better chance at hooking up with that big bass that eats your worm.

Upsize Your Tackle

You may catch a 5, 6 or 7 pounder and on some lakes, it may even be bigger so make sure you are using heavy enough tackle.  For most situations, you’re going to want 20 pound test line as the minimum and a heavy action rod and reel to match.

Big Worms Catch Big Largemouth Bass

Big bass love big baits and big worms are one of the best baits to use for big bass.  You will still catch some smaller bass, but you will get a lot more big bites with the 10″ to 12″ worms.

Popular Techniques

Flipping & Pitching Them Around Cover

Hop Them Slowly Along the Bottom

Rigging Bigger Soft Plastic Worms

Rigging bigger soft plastic worms is going to be with the same rigs as on our soft plastic worms page.  The only difference is that you will most likely upsize your hooks a little bit.

See Them Under Water

Carolina Rig

Drop Shot Rig

Florida / Texas Rig

The Texas rig or Florida rig is an awesome way to fish big soft plastic worms.  Fish it around all types of cover and you’ll have a chance to catch some big bass.

Jighead (Longer Shank)

Standup Jighead

If you use the standup jighead with these big soft plastic worms, don’t think of it as a shaky type technique.  Just fish it the same way you would fish a Texas rig and you’ll do well.

Swimbait Hook

The swimbait hook gives these big worms a nice gliding action down through the water column.  It’s a nice way to get a reaction strike from a big bass.

Weightless Rig

The weightless rig can be effective too for throwing these big plastic worms.  Fish it with a quick twitch then a long pause and expect the bites to come on the pause.

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