Soft Swimbaits

Soft swimbaits work great for largemouth bass.  With the soft swimbaits that are not pre-rigged, you have more options than if you were fishing with a pre-rigged swimbait or a hard swimbait.  Just get the right size jighead and you can switch it up between swimbaits if you need to.  The smaller swimbaits are great action baits and the bigger ones work better for the big bass.

Best Rigs for Swimbaits

Swimbait Hook

Swimbait hooks were made for swimbaits.  These hooks have the weight balanced under the center of the bait, which helps give it a great swimming action.

Shaky Head Jig

The shaky head jig actually works great with swimbaits.  You would have to see it in the water to see just how good it looks.  The nice thing about the shaky head jig is that if you are swimming a bait near the bottom, you can stop the bait and put the tail up off the bottom right in a fish’s face that may be following the bait.


Slow & Steady

A slow and steady retrieve will allow a good swimbait to do most of the work for you.  They will have a slight wobble and a tail kick which helps draw plenty of strikes.  Most of the time, all you have to do is get this bait in the right place and wind it in with a slow and steady retrieve to get your bites.

Stop & Go Retrieve

The stop and go retrieve can be effective with swimbaits, especially the hard swimbaits that will sink slowly, rise or just stay suspended while you pause them.  Mix it up at times and on some days, you will find that you will get a lot more bites by slowing down with a stop and go retrieve.  On other days though, a constant swimming action may get a lot more bites.

More Tips

Go Smaller For More Action

Go Big For Big Bass

In Clearer Water, The More Realistic It Looks, The Better