Soft plastic leeches will work for largemouth bass.  You can fish them on a variety of rigs, but some of the more common rigs are a jighead, drop shot rig, shaky head jig and a weightless rig.

Popular Techniques

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Use a jighead or drop shot rig to hop these baits along the bottom with some pauses mixed in.

See Them Under Water

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is the best rig for giving a soft plastic leech the most action.  You can fish it shallow or deep and have a lot of success with this rig.


If you are hopping it along the bottom or vertically jigging it, you have a good chance to catch some largemouth bass.  Just make sure to give it plenty of action.

How To Rig Soft Plastic Leeches

Nose Hook

This is how you can rig your leeches for a variety of rigs used with a single hook.  The drop shot rig is most popular for using soft plastic leeches, but you can nose hook these baits and fish them with a split shot rig, Carolina rig or even weightless as well.


A simple jighead is how most people rig a soft plastic leech.

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