Tubes are extremely popular for bass fishing.  Most bass anglers think of tubes as a great smallmouth bass bait, but these baits are also great baits for largemouth bass.  You can use tubes by themselves or as a trailer on a bass jig.

Best Rigs for Using Tubes

Tube Jigs

The Florida rig is a great rig for curly tail worms.  Rigged weedless, you can fish around all types of cover.

Bass Jig & Tube Trailer

This may be one of the most effective ways to fish a bass jig and most anglers would never think of using a tube as a trailer on a bass jig.  The slender profile is perfect for adding a finishing touch to a bass jig.

Texas Rig

The Texas rig is a good way to rig a tube if you want to rig it weedless.  Anglers that fish for largemouth bass will use the Texas rig over the tube jig because largemouth bass are found around snaggy cover more than smallmouth bass.  With smallies, it’s the opposite.