Hair Jigs

Hair Jigs work well for catching largemouth bass.  Anglers usually use hair jigs to target smallmouth bass, but they work for largemouth bass too.  These lures are usually a deep water tactic when vertical jigging or using slip bobbers.  If you can find a school of bass in deeper water, a hair jig is a great way to tempt them into eating.  Find the bait fish in open water and you may find a school of bass willing to eat your hair jig.  Some anglers tip these jigs with minnows and that can be very effective as well.

How to Use Hair Jigs for Largemouth Bass

Go Vertical

These baits work great when fished vertical, so when you get on some deep water structure, a well placed hair jig can do a great job imitating a bait fish and getting you lots of bites.

Best Rigs for Hair Jigs

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is a great way to get the additional weight needed to get these hair jigs down to deeper water faster.  Tip with some live bait for even better success.

Slip Bobber

A slip bobber is a great way to use hair jigs for suspended bass.  You can always tip with live bait to make this technique even better.