Bladed Swim Jigs

Bladed swim jigs work great for largemouth bass.  These lures are a hybrid between a bass jig and a spinnerbait. Just cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  You can count them down to various depths to work different parts of the water column. Largemouth bass anglers have a lot of options when fishing with these baits.  Fish them around wood, weeds, rocky shorelines or for suspended bass in open water.  However you fish them, you have a lot of options.  This lure is a big fish bait too.

Best Trailers for Bladed Swim Jigs

Soft Plastic Minnows

A soft plastic minnow is a great way to add some action to a bladed swim jig.  The skinnier minnows tend to work the best.  The action of the jig will move the bait enough to give the bait a wiggling action which will help draw more strikes.


The smaller swimbaits work well on the back of a bladed swim jig.  Stay smaller if you want the action to remain good.  The point of the trailer is to add some action to the jig, not to be the main part of the bait.

Finesse Worms

The finesse worms also look great on a bladed swim jig.  A slow swimming retrieve will give the worm a nice wiggling action.