White Bass

White bass are a fun fish to catch and they can easily be caught during the summers on Kentucky Lake.  Every summer white bass will school up and feed heavily on bait fish.  They can usually be found where the main river channel meets up with creek channels.  Lots of birds circling and diving down to the water can indicate a school of fish driving bait fish to the surface.  You’re not going to see schools of white bass in every spot you fish, but when you do find them, it can be non-stop action.  Many of the fishing guides will report on the summer white bass when they turn on, so make sure you’re staying up to date with the fishing reports.

When the summer bite turns on, get out on the water and find some of these schools of fish.  When they are on the surface, shallow running crankbaits will work.  Small spinners and small casting spoons will also catch fish.  When you find schools in deeper water near the bottom, try vertical jigging a small 2 to 3 inch spoon.

The tailwaters below the dam is also a good spot to fish for white bass.  Many yellow bass are also caught beneath the dam.

Learn More About White Bass

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