Fishing Calendar

Fishing Virginia Beach in the Spring

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
March 59° / 40°
April 68° / 48°
May 76° / 58°

With warmer water temperatures, the fishing starts to heat up in the spring.  Earlier in the spring, there won’t be as many active species of fish to target, but anglers do report catches of mackerel, croaker, flounder, redfish, sea bass, striped bass and tautog.  As spring progresses into the month of May, anglers also see more fish move into the area such as black drum, bluefish, cobia, sheepshead, sea trout and some pelagic species too.

Fishing Virginia Beach in the Summer

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
June 83° / 66°
July 87° / 71°
August 86° / 70°

In the summer, fishing really hits its peak.  For many of the fish that are in this area, the summer will be the peak season for them, so you have a good chance to catch so many different species of fish.  Anglers catch fish from the surf, in the bay, along the beaches and in offshore waters too.

Fishing Virginia Beach in the Fall

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
September 80° / 65°
October 71° / 54°
November 62° / 44°

The fall fishing is very good in the waters around Virginia Beach.  The weather stays warm through October with the exception of some cold fronts, so anglers have the same variety of fish to catch in the fall as they did in the summer months.  Some fish species start to drop off as winter approaches, but the fall bite is good for a variety of fish for most of the fall.

Fishing Virginia Beach in the Winter

Month Avg. Air Temps °F (Hi/Lo)
December 54° / 36°
January 50° / 32°
February 52° / 34°

When the cold weather finally gets here, the fishing will slow down or be non-existent for many species of fish that were here in the summer.  However, anglers can still go out and catch a variety of fish here in the winter.  Striped bass, sea bass and tautog will bite through the winter and give anglers something to catch.