Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are the most popular type of tuna.  They grow very large with some fish over 300 pounds.  Average fish are around 50 to 60 pounds.  They can be found in offshore waters in the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific.

Trolling is the most popular method for catching yellowfin tuna.  Trolling is so effective because these fish hang out in huge schools.  You have to cover lots of water to find these schools.  Once you hook a fish, it gets very exciting.  Anglers usually stop trolling and get out the chum lines.  On the Atlantic coast, chunks of butterfish and menhaden are used for chum.  On the Pacific coast, live anchovies and sardines are the preferred bait for chumming.  As the trolled fish are brought aboard, anglers typically use anchovies, butterfish and squid to start catching yellowfin tuna.  The action is very fast once you have located the school of tuna.  Some anglers continue to troll instead of using chum lines.  When you troll through a school, it’s possible to have a fish on every trolled rod at once.  It’s so exciting that some fishermen don’t even bother to stop and chum.  They will troll through the school until the fish stop feeding.  Both methods work.  It just depends on your personal preference.  Yellowfin tuna taste excellent and the meat holds its flavor well while frozen.