Bluefin Tuna

While bluefin tuna have been extremely over fished commercially, there are still bluefin tuna available for sport fishing.  Most areas are restricted by limited seasons as well as size and catch limits.  People do fish for bluefin tuna during the legal seasons, however, most fishermen catch and release because their populations have been drastically reduced in the past from all of the commercial fishing.

Bluefin tuna can be caught by trolling spoons, trolling feathers, jigs, and plastic-skirted jigs.  Schooling tuna are attracted to the wake of the boat, so it is best to keep your trolled baits close to the wake.   Chumming also works for schooling bluefin tuna.  Ground menhaden, butterfish, herring or mackerel will all work for chumming.  Bluefin tuna are excellent for eating.