Atlantic Bonito

The Atlantic bonito is a fish that travels in huge schools within 20 miles of the shoreline.  It is located in the southern Atlantic and the Gulf Coasts year round and in the northeast during the summer when waters are warmer.  Fishermen with smaller boats usually target the Atlantic bonito.  A surface feeder, the Atlantic bonito usually averages from 3 to 8 pounds.  Most anglers prefer trolling for these fish.  Because they are surface feeders, you want to keep your bait just below the surface while trolling.  A 3 or 4 ounce sinker at about a 5 knots trolling speed should keep your lures at the proper depth.  You have to be able to adjust your trolling speed or your set up to make sure that you are trolling at the proper depths.  Spoons and feather jigs work best for Atlantic bonito.  Chumming can also be effective, but it can be challenging at times.  They will often feed on the chum, but refuse to eat any of the baits that are set up with hooks.  Using lighter line and small hooks are a must.  By burying the hook completely into the bait, you will have a much better chance of fooling the Atlantic bonito.