Best Techniques


When schools of tuna are near the surface or close to the boat, anglers will cast a variety of lures to tempt them into biting.  It can be effective, but it usually doesn’t work well unless you are chumming the tuna to your boat.


Chumming is one of the most popular techniques for tuna fishing.  Chum them to your boat and once they work themselves into a feeding frenzy, start pitching your baits to them.  Cut pieces of herring and mackerel work great as chum.


Many tuna anglers will do long drifts as they chum for tuna.  It is one of the more effective ways to fish for tuna.


When you are on a school of tuna over deeper water, try vertical jigging over them with artificials and live baits too.

Still Fishing

When you are on a good school of fish on some structure, try anchoring and still fishing for them.  If they fish are there, you have no reason to move.


Trolling can also be effective for tuna.  There are trolling rigs made that work great for catching many different types of tuna.