Best Rigs

Ballyhoo Rigs

Ballyhoo rigs work great if you are trolling for tuna.

A simple drop shot rig works great for tuna fishing.  Make sure you have a heavy enough weight to get your baits down there.

Fish finder rigs are one of the best bottom rigs you can use.  Get the proper weight that will get you down to the bottom and you’re all set.

A simple jighead and live bait works great for tuna.  Just make sure you’re using a heavy enough jighead to get down to the fish.

The split shot rig works great when targeting tuna suspended in the water column.  This rig is used mostly after tuna have been chummed up towards the boat.  If you don’t need a lot of weight, a split shot rig can work great.

The weightless rig is a great way to fish lively baits when tuna are coming up for your chum near the boat.