Best Ways to Catch Lots of Tarpon

It’s All About the Destination

Some of the best destinations for tarpon are so much better than many of the other places you can go and still catch tarpon.  If you want a real shot at catching a trophy tarpon or multiple tarpon in a day, go where the biggest migrations occur and you’ll have more success.

Fish the Tidal Changes

Tidal changes are key to finding more active fish.  If you want to catch more tarpon, fish during the tidal changes.

Find the Schools

Finding the schools of tarpon may not always be easy, however, if you can find the bigger schools of these fish, you will have a much better chance to catch fish.  In deeper water, use your electronics.  In shallower waters inshore, you can often times see tarpon surfacing to grab some oxygen.  This makes it a lot easier to see where the tarpon are, however, catching them isn’t always easy.

Use Live Bait

Live bait makes it a lot easier to catch tarpon.  If you’re looking for action, you have a lot of options as tarpon will eat a variety of baits.  Mullet and crabs are some of the better live baits to use for tarpon.

Fish for Baby Tarpon

If you are just looking for action, go fish the backwater areas for baby tarpon.  These fish are still a ton of fun on light tackle and not nearly as smart as the adult fish.

Fish at Low Light Conditions

Early morning, late evening and the night time are the best times to fish for tarpon.  The problem with tarpon fishing at night is that a big tarpon can take you for a long haul and for many anglers, chasing tarpon around at night is not exactly something they want to do.  If you can do it safely, night fishing can be great.  If you don’t want to fish at night, early morning and late evening will usually provide a nice peak bite from tarpon.