Tarpon migrate annually up both coasts of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico and up along the southern part of the Atlantic coast.  Starting in the southern part of Florida, you will start to see some of these migratory fish during the end of winter and in the early spring.  These fish will work their way up the coasts as the water temperatures warm.  The central and northern parts of the state see tarpon move into their areas from late spring through summer.

The best fishing for tarpon is definitely when the migratory fish move through your specific area.  The rest of the year still offers some tarpon fishing, but it just isn’t the same.  Some destinations have decent numbers of resident tarpon and fish can be caught consistently by experienced anglers, but the average angler will usually have a tough time catching these fish.  Juvenile tarpon are easier to find as they usually are found in the tidal creeks near docks and mangrove-lined shorelines.  The juvenile tarpon can be a blast to catch on light tackle.  These fish will be less than 30 pounds and in some of the shallowest creeks, you may not find many fish bigger than 10 pounds.