Time of Day


The morning bite is a great time to fish for snook during a tidal change.  The lowlight conditions usually provide much better fishing opportunities for snook.  You can usually find plenty of aggressive snook in the morning that will likely eat a variety of live baits and artificial lures.  Most of fishing charters that fish for snook choose to get out there early in the morning and they are usually off the water by lunch time.  For sight fishermen, the early morning is difficult because of the lowlight conditions.  As the sun rises a bit, sight fishermen can spot more snook and potentially catch more fish.


The afternoon is usually the least productive time to fish for snook.  You can still catch plenty of snook in the afternoon during the tidal changes, but the better bite will almost always occur during the lowlight conditions of the mornings, evenings and at night.  Tidal changes are key for catching snook though, so if you have the choice between fishing during a slack tide during lowlight conditions or a tidal change during the afternoon, we would fish the tidal change during the afternoon every single time.  One of the advantages of fishing in the afternoon is that sight fishermen have better visibility.


The evening is a great time to target snook.  Because snook are nocturnal feeders, the evening puts snook in a feeding mood and it usually lasts through the night and into the morning.  You should be able to find plenty of active snook feeding in the shallows as long as you are fishing during the tidal changes.


Snook are nocturnal feeders and they usually feed heavily at night.  Fishing for snook at night can be very productive, yet extremely challenging at the same time.  When fishing around shallow water cover, every cast can be a snag waiting to happen and it’s tough to steer fish away from the cover once they are hooked because your vision is limited.  Most anglers that fish at night will be fishing around lighted docks, piers and bridges.  The lights attract bait fish and snook will often be close by feeding aggressively.  You can catch snook with a variety of different live baits and artificial lures.  Fishing with topwater lures or fly fishing gear can be very exciting and productive for snook when they are around the lights at night.