Best Ways to Catch Big Snook

It’s All About the Destination

Some of the best destinations for snook will have some awesome fishing for big fish.  There aren’t too many great snook fishing destinations because they prefer such warm water, but of the ones farther south, there are some very good places to go where you will get a shot at a big fish if you know what you’re doing.

Upsize Your Baits

Big snook like big baits.  Whether you are using lures or live baits, go bigger when targeting bigger snook.

Fish the Deeper Docks

Snook love docks and the deeper docks will hold some of the bigger snook.

Fish the Deeper Mangroves

Snook love the mangroves and the deeper mangroves provide some of the better opportunities for big snook.  Fish the high tides as well when fishing the mangroves.  More of the mangrove will be under water, which means more cover for smaller bait fish.  That will attract more snook and the big fish will be in these spots too.

Fish at Night

Night fishing might be the easiest way to target big snook.  The fishing won’t always be awesome, but if you want to catch a big fish, night fishing is a great way to do it.  Some of the biggest snook will feed at night and they may lower their guard just enough for you to fool them with one of your baits.

Use Live Bait

Live bait is the easiest way to catch a big snook.  A well placed jumbo shrimp or lively bait fish is hard for a snook to refuse.  Snook are looking for these big live baits so they don’t have to eat as often.  Present a lively bait to a big snook and you may catch a trophy fish.