Best Techniques


Many anglers will cast a variety of lures while fishing for snook.  Anglers that fish for bass in freshwater will enjoy fishing for snook.  Cast around all types of cover and structure for snook.  They may be difficult to get to bite at times, but if you fish during peak feeding times, they will definitely hit a lure.

Fly Fishing

Some anglers really enjoy fly fishing for snook.  It won’t always be easy to get them to bite, but a well placed fly will get plenty of bites from snook.

Still Fishing

Still fishing is popular off the beaches, from the jetties, piers and from a boat as well.  Get your favorite snook bait and fish it on a bobber or a bottom rig and wait for the bite.  If you don’t get a bite, cast in another spot and wait again.  It can be a little more boring that casting or fly fishing, but it can be very effective for catching snook.


Drifting is popular when fishing deeper water in the passes, around bridges and any other good area to fish inshore with some depth.  Use your favorite live bait rigs and drift over some hungry snook.  It is a very effective way to catch snook.


Some anglers do very well jigging for snook when they are found in deeper water.  This can be a great technique for fishing the passes around the jetties or the deep water around the bridges.


Trolling can be effective for snook, however, most anglers do not troll for snook.  Slow trolling with live baits will be more effective than trolling with lures, but you can catch some snook with lures while trolling.  It’s a better deep water tactic for snook.

Topwater Fishing

Snook will hit a topwater lure and the fishing can be awesome when they are hitting on the surface.  Low light conditions in the morning, evening and at night will be the best times to use topwater lures for snook.