Types of Trout

Speckled Trout

Speckled trout are found in similar areas as the redfish and snook.  Speckled trout are also known as spotted seatrout or spotted weakfish.  It is an inshore species that is beloved by small boat fishermen, pier and jetty anglers, flats fishermen and beach fishermen.

Sand Seatrout

Sand seatrout are found mostly in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic waters of extreme southeastern Florida.  Average fish tend to be less than a pound and they are found inshore in bays and inlets, although, adults can be found offshore in the winter.  Small fish and shrimp make up most of their diet.

Gray Trout


You can find gray trout from the Carolinas north to New England with very large concentrations of fish found between the Chesapeake Bay and Montauk, Long Island.  They are mostly an inshore fish found less than a mile offshore.  Many fish can be found along the surf and in the sounds, bays and rivers.  Some fish grow as large as 15 pounds, but most fish that are caught average 2 to 4 pounds.

Silver Trout

Silver trout are most common in the northern Gulf of Mexico, but they can be found in southern Florida and southern Texas.  They frequent mud and sand bottoms in bays and estuaries, but you can also find them offshore.  Many anglers confuse the silver trout with the sand seatrout.  Others just lump the two species together as white trout.  To differentiate from the two, the silver seatrout is entirely silver and the sand seatrout has some yellow coloration on the back and fins.  The silver seatrout has very small, darker spots arranged in rearward sloping rows or the upper sides.  Silver seatrout feed on small fish and crustaceans.