Time of Day


The mornings are usually some of the best times to fish for spotted sea trout, especially during the summer months.  When the weather is hot, it’s important to fish during the morning, evening or even at night to experience some of the best fishing.  The mornings are good times to target sea trout with topwater lures during the summer months.  During the winter, cold fronts can bring much cooler water temperatures and the fishing can slow down drastically in the mornings.  In colder water, the afternoon or evening bite may be better because the water temperatures will usually be a few degrees warmer than in the morning.


The peak times to fish are usually during the morning, evening and at night, but the afternoon can be a great time to fish for spotted sea trout during the winter, spring and fall months.  During the summer months, you can still have some success in the afternoon during a tidal change, but the hot weather will usually make it tougher to catch fish.


The evening usually offers good fishing for sea trout throughout the entire year.  The summer months provide some good topwater action, although, most anglers choose to use soft plastics and live bait instead.  A tidal change during the evening is one of the peak times to fish for sea trout.


Spotted sea trout feed well at night.  Experienced anglers report that some of their biggest trout are caught at night.  It can be exciting at night, but it can also be difficult to fish some of the flats at night.  When fishing at night, you need to be careful.  During the day, you may want to scout some of the areas that you’d like to fish at night.  This can help make your trip a more successful one.  Fishing with a friend, having a good fish finder, gps, flashlights and a cell phone will also help keep you safe.