Best Ways to Catch Lots of Sea Trout

It’s All About the Destination

Some of the better trout destinations will give you the opportunity to catch dozens and dozens of trout.  It is crazy.  If you really want to catch a lot of fish, research some of the better sea trout destinations because there are several places where you can go catch a lot of fish if that’s what you want.

Fish the Tidal Changes

Tidal changes are key.  Trout like moving water just like almost every other inshore fish.  The bite can be good on either side of the tide, but make sure the water is moving and you’ll catch more fish.

Fish the Grass Flats

Sea trout love grass.  Find the grass flats and you’ll be able to catch more sea trout.  During lower tides, fish the deeper water near these shallower grass flats.  When the tide comes up, fish on top of these grass flats.

Find the Schools

Sea trout will school up in big numbers at times.  Find the schools of these fish and you’ll catch a lot more fish.

Use Live Bait

Trout will hit artificials quite well, so many anglers enjoy being able to catch these fish without live bait.  However, if you want to put a ton in the boat, switch over to live baits.