Best Ways to Catch Big Sea Trout

It’s All About the Destination

Some destinations are just a lot better than others.  There are several places you can go to catch a bunch of sea trout, however, there are only a few places that give anglers a real good chance to catch a big trout every day on the water.

Upsize Your Baits

The bigger trout will feed on bigger baits, so upsize your baits.  Bigger shrimp, bigger bait fish and slightly bigger lures if you want to catch some big trout.

Fish Deeper While Inshore

Big sea trout still roam the shallower waters, but often will be just a bit deeper.  For example, you may have a big school of fish on the shallower grass flats in just 2 to 4 feet of water, but there is a little drop-off into 6 feet of water nearby.  This would be a good spot to try to find a bigger trout.  You are going to get less bites at times, but the bites will be the better quality fish.

Use Live Bait

Bigger, lively baits will catch a lot more big trout than lures.  Some good baits for big trout are pinfish, finger mullet and jumbo shrimp.  You may not always be able to buy the right sized bait in the local bait shops either, so break out the sabiki rigs and catch some bait fish the right size for targeting bigger sea trout.  Make sure to keep them lively also.  A lively bait will catch more fish.