Best Live & Natural Baits

Trout can easily be caught on shrimp and many types of small bait fish.

Bull minnows are one of the better baits for flounder, but you’ll catch plenty of trout with them too.

Cut baits will work well for sea trout.  Chunks and strips of cut bait will work, however, the longer strips tend to be more productive.  Still fish with them or work them in on a jighead and you can catch some trout.

Finger mullet are one of the better trout baits you can use.

Pinfish are one of the better trout baits too.  Live pinfish are tough to beat.  Just make sure you go small enough if you’re fishing an area that has lots of smaller trout.  The bigger pinfish are great big trout baits, but you won’t get nearly as many bites with them.  So, if you’re looking for action, use the smaller pinfish you can catch.

Trout love shrimp.  Live, dead, whole or cut into pieces; sea trout will eat shrimp.  Most anglers report better success with lively shrimp, but no matter how you fish it, you have a good chance to catch some fish.