Types of Fishing

Inshore Fishing

There are so many places where you can target redfish inshore.  Whether you are fishing the grass flats, docks, bridges, mangroves or other area, you have a lot of options for targeting redfish.

Learn More About the Best Spots to Target Redfish Inshore

Offshore Fishing

Redfish are primarily an inshore fish.  Redfish can be found offshore around the reefs and wrecks, but most anglers target these fish inshore.  During the spawn, redfish will move offshore in large schools.  If you can find these schools of redfish offshore, you can experience some excellent fishing, especially for the big bull redfish.

Surf Fishing

Redfish can be caught from the surf, although, it is much more common to target redfish in the bays, on the flats or back in the creeks.  If you are planning on fishing for redfish in the surf, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of catching some fish.  Tidal changes provide better fishing and most anglers would agree that an incoming tide is better than an outgoing tide for surf fishing.  Low light conditions combined with a tidal change will also help to improve the fishing.  The cuts and troughs usually hold most of the fish along the surf and this is definitely the case for redfish.  Live baits, cut baits and artificial lures will all work for redfish along the surf.

Pier Fishing

If you don’t have access to a boat, the piers may be your best chance to catch a trophy redfish.  The piers tend to offer better fishing during a tidal change.  Combine a tidal change with lowlight conditions during the morning or evening and you should have a better chance to catch some redfish off of the piers.  Depending on how crowded the piers are, you may not be able to cast lures up and down the pier.  Fishing with shrimp, live bait fish or cut bait on the bottom is how most anglers catch redfish from the piers.

Nearshore Fishing

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