Fish the Low Tide

Anglers can experience good fishing for redfish during the low tide.  The lower water levels will move redfish off the flats and into the cuts and channels.  This doesn’t mean that the flats won’t produce during the low tide.  As the tide is going out, you will often find tailing redfish on the flats.  These fish are feeding very aggressively on the flats just before the water levels drop even further.  Once the water becomes too shallow on the flats, you should be able to find most of these fish nearby in the cuts and channels.

If you are fishing the creeks and inlets, you may see fish moving out of these shallow water areas as they head back towards the mouth.  Following the slack water period of the low tide, water will start moving back in on the next incoming tide.  Redfish will often move back into these backwater areas with the incoming tide.  Fishing can be very good during this tidal change.  Moving water is much better than slack water, so try to fish during these tidal changes for the best fishing opportunities.

When fishing around docks during a low tide, try fishing the docks in deeper water.  Many of the mangroves will be less productive in low water because most of the roots will be above water.  Redfish will move out of the mangroves and into deeper water.  The deeper sections of the bridges, jetties and passes will also hold most of the bigger redfish during low water periods.