Crappie can definitely be hit or miss on Rainy Lake for most anglers, but there are plenty of crappie in this lake and there are some very big crappie in here.  If you look at the trap netting results on the Minnesota DNR website, you will be shocked at how many big crappie they captured in the 12 to 14 inch range.  There are a lot of big crappie in this lake.  Target them in the shallows during the spring around shallow water wood and you should have some success.  Once these fish go deep, they can be very hit or miss.  They will school up from summer through fall, but if you can’t find the schools of them, you might not catch a single crappie even if you target them exclusively.  If you can find these schools of crappie with your electronics, you’re going to have a real good chance to catch some very big crappie.

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