Smallmouth Bass

The smallmouth bass fishing is excellent on Rainy Lake.  It is one of Minnesota’s best smallmouth bass fishing lakes and the fishing is even better on the Canadian side of the lake.

Learn How to Catch Smallmouth Bass on Rainy Lake

Spring & Early Summer are Tough to Beat

The spring and early summer bite along the shorelines can provide some of the best smallmouth bass fishing that you can experience in the state of Minnesota.  Anglers that know what they’re doing can catch good numbers of smallmouth bass with 30 to 50 bass days being fairly common during the peak bite in the spring.  It’s all timing though, if you get here too early or too late, you may have to find the bass in deeper water.  Time it right and you’ll have some awesome shallow water fishing opportunities.

Fall Can Be Great Too

The fall provides some outstanding smallmouth bass fishing on Rainy Lake.  The bass will school up on the reefs, around the deep water points and islands.  If you find the schools, you can catch a bunch of bass in a hurry during the fall.

Fish the Rocks & Boulders

This lake is loaded with tons of rocks.  You won’t have a hard time finding rocks to fish.  The challenge will be for you to eliminate the unproductive water and find the better areas to fish.  It’s not super easy to do because everything looks so good here.  However, most of the spots will hold at least some fish, so even if you can’t find the spots that produce 50 fish days, you should be able to pluck a couple fish from most of the good rocky areas.

Fish the Points

At times, the points can be very good.  On Rainy Lake, the smallmouth tend to relate to the offshore structure more than the points and that probably has something to do with all the northern pike in this lake.  You can definitely fish the points and catch some smallmouth bass.  Some points will be very good and on some you are going to strike out.  Hit enough of them and you will find the more productive points.

Fish the Reefs

The reefs are awesome from summer through fall.  This lake has a lot of them, so plan on covering some water if you want to fish the reefs.  You may have to fish several of them to find fish also, but when you find a big school of smallmouth bass, you will understand why some people come back here every year to experience this fishery in the fall.

Fish the Islands

There are so many islands and most of them will hold some smallmouth bass.  From summer through fall, the islands can be a great pattern for fishing on Rainy Lake.  Find the ones with some rock and a nice drop-off and you will catch some fish.

Fish the Weeds

The weeds will not be the best pattern here most of the time, however, there are plenty of smallmouth bass that will be found in the areas that have some rock and some weeds in the area.  Don’t rule out the weeds on this lake even though the better bite will usually be on the rocks.

Learn More About Smallmouth Bass

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