Northern Pike

Rainy Lake is a very good northern pike lake.  The Minnesota side offers anglers plenty of options for pike, however, the Minnesota side is more open with lots of rocky shorelines, points and offshore structure.  You will find a lot of pike around the rocks on the Minnesota side.  On the Canadian side, you will find plenty of pike around the rocks as well, but there are plenty of bays with weeds.  These bays make it a lot easier to find active pike.  Cast your favorite pike lure along the deep weed edges and hold on.  The shallow weeds will hold smaller fish most of the year, so if you’re just looking for action, there’s plenty of that as well.

Learn How to Catch Pike on Rainy Lake

Fish the Bays

There are numerous bays throughout the lake that offer weed growth and these bays will hold pike throughout the seasons.  Find the deeper weed edge and you’ll most likely find some of the bigger pike in that bay.

Fish the Weeds

While most of the weeds will be in the bays, you can find some weeds on the points as well. These points with a mixture of rocks and weeds will usually hold a mixture of pike, bass and/or walleye.  Find the deeper weed edges and that’s where you’ll usually find the bigger pike.

Fish the Points

You can always hit the points and have success here.  Wind blown points hold bait fish, which attract walleye and smallmouth bass.  Northern pike won’t be too far behind.

Fish the Reefs

The reefs hold a lot of the better pike in the summer and late fall.  Cast, troll or jig and you’ll have a chance to catch a big pike.

Fish the Islands

There are so many islands to fish on Rainy Lake.  Most anglers will target the islands for walleye and smallmouth bass, but northern pike will be found roaming these islands as well.  The islands are not all equal out here.  Some are small, some are large.  Most will have rocks on them.  Some will have some weeds mixed in.  The islands that have some weeds mixed in along the shores will usually hold more pike.  Rocky structures can be hit or miss out here.  Some islands will hold a lot of fish and around some, you may not get a bite.

Learn More About Northern Pike


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