Rainy Lake Fishing Resorts

There are plenty of fishing resorts on Rainy Lake.  Stay in Minnesota or Canada and you can find a place that works for your family or group.  On the Minnesota side, you are going to find more resorts that will be easy to drive to while on the Canadian side, many of them are boat-in resorts.  Boating in shouldn’t be a huge deterrent for you though, because the locations of these boat-in camps are excellent as they are much closer to some of the best fishing spots on the lake.

Find a Rainy Lake Resort in Canada

These resorts are drive to resorts.

Coppen’s Resort

LaBelle’s Birch Point Camp

Find a Boat-In Resort or Camp on Rainy Lake in Canada

You will have to drive into these camps, however, you will usually have the option of being picked up or to follow them in with your own boat, which makes it safer, especially for your first time to their camp.

Campfire Island Camp

Camp Narrows Lodge

Camp Ontario on Rainy Lake

Stokes Bay Resort

Find a Rainy Lake Resort in Minnesota

Bear Ridge Guest House

Camp Idlewood

Island View Lodge and Cabins

Rainy Lake Inn at Tara’s Wharf

Sha Sha Resort

Thunderbird Lodge

WoodsPort Cottages

Find a Rainy Lake Hotel or Motel in Minnesota

On the Minnesota side, there are plenty of hotels and motels in the area as well.  You may not be on the water, but you can usually find some good pricing to help make your trip more affordable.

America’s Best Value Inn and Suites


Days Inn

Falls Motel

Hilltop Motel & Cabins

Tee Pee Motel

Voyageur Hotel

Rent a Houseboat on Rainy Lake

On Rainy Lake, many people rent a houseboat for their fishing vacation.  There are a few different companies that have several options for you.

Dougherty’s Rainy Lake Houseboats

Northernaire Houseboats of Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake Houseboats