Convince Your Wife To Go

Need to convince the wife that this is a great vacation destination for her and the family too?  We get it, so we put together a list of things to help you make your case.

Beautiful Scenery

Rainy Lake is gorgeous, so if your significant other is into some beautiful scenery, you can check that off your list.

Nicer Resorts

There are some nicer resorts here, especially, if you stay on the Minnesota side.  So if you need a nicer resort with staff, good meals and nice rooms to sleep in, you have some options here.


This may be something you enjoy or not.  If you want to take away from people, you can find some areas all to yourself out on the lake or in the Voyageur National Park.  Enjoy some family time without all the craziness that most people experience in their every day city or suburban lives.


We can’t help you too much here.  There isn’t much shopping in this area.  Whether you stay on the Minneosta or Canadian side, there’s not a whole lot of shopping close by for the women.


There aren’t a ton of restaurants here, however, the nicer resorts will have you covered, so you can enjoy some excellent food here if you can afford to stay in the nicer resorts.


Your best bet for nightlife here is if you are staying at the nicer resorts as guests may stay up socializing while having a drink or two before going to bed and getting ready for the next day of fishing.

Family Fun

If your family likes the outdoors, you can have a lot of fun here.  Fishing, boating and just enjoying the surroundings is enough for a lot of people.


There is a small public beach on the Minnesota side of Rainy Lake.  It’s not the same as a beach vacation destination, but it does give the family a chance to lay out, relax and soak up the sun a little.  The downside here is that it may not be beach weather when you visit here, so consider a mid-summer vacation if you want to spend some time on the beach.


This is one of the lakes that is home to many houseboat rentals, so you can easily go exploring with the family on a houseboat.  It may be one of the easiest ways to get the wife and kids to join you on a Rainy Lake vacation.

Overall Assessment

Rainy Lake is definitely a better trip for the guys since most women won’t enjoy the fishing and outdoors like most men would.  However, if your spouse enjoys the outdoors and just needs a few of the nicer amenities to make it work, you can have a very nice trip here by spending a little extra money and staying at the nicer resorts.  If she enjoys the outdoors and doesn’t mind roughing it a little bit, you have a lot more options and some of the Canadian resorts may be even more appealing.