Ocean Bottom Fish

The area saltwater provides some amazing fishing for a variety of fish such as salmon, halibut, rockfish and cod.  For this page, we will be covering the bottom fish that are popular to catch in this area.


Halibut are a flatfish that inhabit both the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans.  Halibut are a favorite among many anglers because of their enormous size and excellent taste.

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There are over 250 different species of rockfish.  Even though there are so many different species, they all have similar behaviors.  They are bottom feeders and they hang out in very deep water.  Most anglers catch these fish in 100 to 300 feet of water.


The lingcod is a popular fish from California to Alaska.  It can be found along the inshore waters and way out in offshore waters as well.  It is definitely one of the uglier-looking saltwater fish, but it provides anglers with some fun action and a fine meal.  It can grow as large as 75 pounds, but most fish are caught in the 5 to 25 pound range.