Lakes & Reservoirs

Perch can be found in many different lakes and throughout different parts of the lake.  In the spring, you’re going to find a lot more fish in the shallows.  As water temperatures warm up, you will find a lot more of the quality fish in deeper water and most of them will stay deeper into the fall as well.  Weeds will hold a lot of perch, but these fish are known for roaming open water also.  For some anglers, they have a hard time finding these fish once they go deeper.  Trolling can be effective to help you find them.

Fishing Tips

Fish the Bays in the Spring

In the spring, you will find tons of perch in the shallows.  Go fish in the bays and find the green weeds.  You will find the perch.

Don’t Miss the Spawn

Perch begin spawning soon after ice out.  They spawn around 45 degrees.  Even though the water is cold, perch are extremely active.  They move out of their deep, wintering areas into shallower, weedy areas.  Hard bottoms such as gravel and sand hold more spawning perch than soft, mucky bottoms.  During the spawn, catching perch is extremely easy.  Most anglers use a bobber, split shot, hook and their bait.  Minnows work best for larger perch, but worms will also do the trick.  Some of the more experienced anglers will use small jigs baited with a piece of worm or a minnow.

Find the Deep Weed Edges

The deep weed edges are great spots for perch fishing once the water temperatures warm in the summer.  These weed edges will also hold fish through the fall as well.

Fish the Reefs

The reefs are known as great spots for walleye in the summer and fall and the perch like these spots too.  Whether you jig or troll, you can expect to find some perch around some of the drop-offs along these reefs.

Open Water Perch

When fish roam the deeper waters in the main lakes, they can be tough to find.  One way to find these schools of deep water perch is to put out the trolling rods and just start trolling the better drop-offs until you find some active fish.  Trolling spinner rigs is very popular, but some other lures and rigs can work too.

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