Best Ways to Catch Big Perch

It’s All About the Destination

When it comes to perch, there are definitely some better waters that are known for producing bigger perch.  Some of the popular big water destinations give anglers lots of water to fish with the potential for finding very big schools of big fish.  Finding them may be the challenging part, but when you do, you may be able to fill a limit with some nice jumbo perch.

Spring is a Great Time To Catch Big Perch Shallow

Perch go shallow in the spring.  You can usually find them in the weedy bays from 4 to 8 feet of water and they are usually fairly easy to catch.  On some of the big waters, you may find good numbers of these fish push into the bays in the spring and the fishing can’t get much easier for these fish.

Use Your Electronics

Once the spawn is over, you won’t find as many big perch in the shallows from summer through fall, which means you need to find these fish in deeper water.  Use your electronics and keep moving until you can find a good school of these fish.  If you find the right school, you can catch a lot of jumbo perch in a hurry.

Fish the Better Rivers Up North

The better rivers up north in the northern U.S. and in Canada will provide some cooler water temperatures even during the summer months compared to the lakes.  With the cooler water temperatures, you can usually find some perch in relatively shallow water for summer time fishing, which makes it a little easier to find these fish.  Spring and fall can be better, however, you won’t find that tough summer time bite like you find on some of the lakes because it is so hard for some anglers to find the perch.

Fish the Smaller Lakes That Get Less Pressure

There are several lakes up in Minnesota and in Canada and probably some other states too that are hard to get into and have very little fishing pressure.  Some of these smaller lakes are known for their action, but not always trophy size fish for the bigger game fish such as bass, northern pike, walleye and muskie.  However, some of these smaller lakes will produce some very nice perch and they get very little pressure.  It takes a little work to find these places, but it is well worth it when you find one of these lakes and you have it all to yourself on your fishing vacation.

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