Small Jigs

Small jigs can work very well for yellow perch.  Some of them will have soft plastics on them, some will have hair.  Both types of jigs work.  You can even tip these jigs with live bait and at times, it will pay off big time when the bite is finicky.

Ice Fishing Jigs are smaller-sized jigheads that are great for finesse fishing for perch.  These jigs aren’t just for ice fishing though.  Use them when you need a lighter presentation for your minnows or worms.  These light weight jigs work great with live bait around scattered vegetation.

Jigheads work well with live bait and soft plastics.  You can’t go wrong with a small jighead and your favorite bait when fishing for perch.

The double jig rig is a popular rig for perch.  This allows you to attach two of your favorite jigs and you will give yourself a better chance to get some bites when you run into a school of perch.  When the bite is going good, it is not uncommon to catch two perch at a time.  When the bite is slower, tip these smaller jigs with live bait such as small minnows or worms.

Hair Jigs are good lures for catching perch.  Tip them with minnows or worms for better action.  You can fish them under a bobber or slip bobber or on a drop shot rig.  Both techniques work great.

These jigging minnows work well, especially when the perch are aggressive.  When the bite is slower, tip these jigs with some live baits.  These jigs are one of the better lures for targeting perch in deeper water.  Find a school of perch and try vertical jigging right over the top of them.

Whether you are using curly tail grubs, spear tails, shad-style baits or others, soft plastics will put a lot of perch in the boat when the fish are in an aggressive mood.

Popular Soft Baits

Small curly tail grubs in the 1″ to 2″ range will work for perch.  They won’t always be the best lure to use, but when the bite is aggressive, a simple jighead and tiny grub can get you plenty of bites.

Paddle tails or spear tails are very popular baits for crappie, however, they work well for perch also. They look good on a jighead and a drop shot rig.  Fish them with a jigging motion or swim them slowly and you can do well with perch.

The shad or stinger tails are a popular minnow style bait that will catch plenty of perch. This bait imitates a small minnow.  Jig it on a jighead or a drop shot rig and you will catch some fish.

Split tails are have good action and will work for perch.  Work these with a jigging motion on a jighead or drop shot rig and you’ll put some fish in the boat.  When the bite is slow, tip them with live bait.

These smaller swimbaits can be effective for perch when the perch are more aggressive.  Fish them slow with a steady retrieve and be ready for the bite.

There are many different types of swimming tails that are added to a variety of soft plastic baits.  Some of these minnow-style baits with the swimming tail can be very effective when perch are in a more aggressive mood.

Tubes are one of the better soft plastic baits for targeting perch with artificials.  These are great jigging baits and you can swim them slowly also.  Tip them with live bait when the bite is slow.

Since you are going to be fishing around weeds most likely when targeting perch, these weedless jigs are great ways to get your baits down to the fish without getting hung up as much.  They work great around wood as well.

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