Butler Chain of Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes has over 5,000 acres in surface water; distributed in the following 13 interconnected lakes. The lakes in the Butler Chain are part of the WWNCD (Windermere Water Navigation Control District). The WWNCD is the largest lake MSTU in Orange County, including 27 lakes having a combined surface water area of over 6,000 acres.

The lakes in the Butler Chain are popular because the water is much deeper and clearer that the lakes throughout Florida and especially so compared to the other popular lakes in the Central Florida area. There are a lot of fishing techniques you can use here that you can’t use on the shallow lakes throughout the area. This chain of lakes is also popular for the amazing scenery with all the amazing homes that line the chain. Famous people such as Shaquille O’Neil, Ken Griffey, Jr., Tiger Woods and many others own homes in this lake community.

Lake Butler

Lake Butler is the largest lake of the Butler Chain. It is over 1,660 acres and it gives anglers a lot of options. Fish the deeper, clearer water or go fish up shallow by targeting the docks throughout the lake. Bird Island is a popular spot as well.

Lake Tibet

Lake Tibet is the second largest lake on the Butler Chain with almost 1,200 acres. You have lots of options on Lake Tibet. Fish the docks, bays, deeper drop-offs, grass beds and points. It’s a popular bass lake on the chain.

Lake Down

Lake Down is the northern-most lake in the Butler Chain. It is a good-sized lake with 872 acres of water. The water is clear here and there is plenty of depth as well.

Lake Sheen

Lake Sheen is 565 acres. On this lake, anglers target the docks, grass beds and flooded cypress trees.

Lake Chase

Lake Chase is smaller with only 135 acres, but there is a nice mixture of vegetation and it is relatively close to the only public access ramp on Lake Isleworth. The shallow vegetation, docks and flooded timber attracts plenty of bass.

Pocket Lake

Pocket Lake is another smaller lake coming in at 126 acres. On the undeveloped side of the lake, you can target the vegetation such as reeds, lily pads and scattered grass beds. The docks can hold some fish too in the other part of the lake.

Lake Blance

Lake Blanche comes in at 121 acres, but due to its combination of having some deep water and shallow water, it’s a nice lake for bass fishing. There is a deep hole just as you enter the lake from the canal, which gives anglers a chance to use their favorite deep water bass techniques while in Florida.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a 50 acre lake that connects Lake Butler to Lake Tibet. It is a long, narrow lake. Some anglers do target the eel grass beds and flooded timber.

Fish Lake

Fish Lake (also called Little Fish Lake) is about 30 acres and is usually fairly weedy. The vegetation can hold plenty of bass with some good fish too. Don’t let its small size fool you into thinking that it’s not worth fishing. At times, it can be a very productive lake for its size.

Lake Isleworth

Lake Isleworth is about 10 acres in size. The R.D. Keene Park boat ramp is found on this lake. The lily pads and cypress trees can be productive.

Shiner Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Shiners are the easiest and most common way to catch Florida bass.  Most of the guides use them even if they would prefer to be using artificial lures and the reason for this is that live shiners consistently get bit by big bass.  For whatever reason, the Florida strain largemouth bass is a lot more difficult to consistently catch with lures than the northern strain largemouth bass, especially the bigger, trophy-sized bass. So most guide services will offer live bait on every trip to make sure their customers have the best chance to consistently catch quality largemouth bass. Learn more about shiner fishing in Florida for largemouth bass.