Carp are available throughout Lake Pepin.  Most anglers don’t target them, but there are good numbers with some big fish too.  When the river is high, you can usually find big numbers of carp moving into the slack water areas near current breaks.  Late spring through early fall are the best times to fish for carp.

Best Baits for Carp

Carp can be caught on a variety of baits, however, some of the best baits for carp are corn, nightcrawlers and a variety of dough baits.

Best Rigs for Carp

There are a variety of rigs that you can use for carp fishing.  Many are very basic and will work just fine, while the more serious carp anglers will use rigs that require a little more work.

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Best Techniques for Carp

The techniques for carp fishing are fairly basic.  Most anglers will still fish for them by leaving their baits on the bottom.  There are some other techniques though that can be effective for carp fishing.

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Learn More About Carp

Our carp fishing section has tons of tips on the best baits, where to catch them and how to catch them.

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